Current courses (2019-20):

LPO-8852: Regression II (Fall 2019 syllabus)

HOD-2700-04: Public Policy (Fall 2019 syllabus)

LPO-8610/EDP-7500: Seminar on School Choice (Spring 2019 syllabus)

Past courses (NYU):

EDPLY-GE 2025: Economics of Education (Spring 2018 syllabus)

APSTA-GE 2110: Applied Statistics: Using Large Databases in Education Research (Spring 2018 syllabus)

APSTA-GE 2001: Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences I (Fall 2017 syllabus)

APSTA-GE 2002: Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences II (Spring 2008 syllabus)

APSY-GE-3902: IES-Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Training Seminar

HMSS-GE-3011: Department Doctoral Seminar (Fall 2015 syllabus)

INTE-GE 2008: Comparative Education II: Quantitative Analysis (Fall 2011 syllabus)

EDPLY-GE 2155: Economic Analysis for Education Policy (Fall 2007 syllabus)

EDPLY-GE 2902: Financing Schools (Spring 2007 syllabus)

Last updated: August 23, 2019